Saturday, 24 April 2010

Three weeks

Time flies and my blog has been sitting neglected since February I see. Not that I haven't been busy (I have!) or haven't been writing (sadly more for other sites/forums than this one, not to mention micro-blogging on Twitter), but it would seem I haven't created a proper habit of posting to my blog and therefore it goes undone.

Habits take three weeks to form, so we're told. In fact, I've informed my new husband that he needs to wear his wedding ring for at least three whole weeks before he's allowed to decide it's too uncomfortable for daily wear. So in that spirit, today marks day 1 of my attempt to make blog-posting a regular habit again. Every day for three weeks I will post something! Some longer and more detailed than others, but at least something every day.

To remind myself, here's what I need to catch up on:
-- race reports
-- training camp in Lanzarote
-- PMC/FTP/CTL and other assorted acronyms
-- more race reports
-- my new TT-turned-road-bike
-- plans for the season
-- race reports!

And oh yeah, I got married on April 7.



Groover said...

Congratulations, Maryka. I wish you a happy marriage. Great wedding dress! I love your style, girl! :-)

John Sutton said...


I can't wear my wedding ring cos it keeps falling off - I lost 8kg training for my Ironman and a fair bit of it must have been from my fingers :-)

maryka said...

He can't use that excuse, he lost all that weight long before we got together!

karlijn said...

haha mike draagt ook nooit zijn trouwring, maar ik heb hem niet onder druk gezet het te proberen. Misschien toch maar eens proberen. volgend jaar 10 jaar getrouwd dus zou mooi zijn als hij zijn ring dan 3 weken zou dragen. Draag hem zelf trouwens ook nooit ;-)