Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Some days it's just one of those days, the kind where every project you start remains unfinished, you get into pointless arguments with people over nothing, the weather outside is beckoning but you just can't get out the door... well that was today. Videos from last night's Palace race are still being edited/encoded/uploaded (thank you YouTube for not being useful) so that report will have to wait til tomorrow, and my brain is too tired to write coherently about much else.

So today was one of those days when the simple act of getting on my bike to ride -- finally, at 6:30pm -- was the best and most enjoyable thing I accomplished all day. Took me an hour or so to feel the love, but by the time I came over the top of Whitedown and crossed the A25 into Surrey Hills country, I felt a lot better. The roads were quiet, the sun was gently setting, the flowers and trees were blooming, the air was still warm, the countryside was beautiful, and I was glad to be alive and on my bike.

Someday I'll get myself a proper phone with a camera so I can take photos more easily on my rides, but til then this will have to suffice as today's little visual memory.

photo by Ben Gamble via

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Mum said...

Bluebells - beautiful - that takes me back more than just a few years! Often wondered why we don't have more of this sort of thing in Canada?
Ontario is mostly trilliums - a lovely flower but................
Glad you got the doldrums out with you ride - and.....tomorrow is another day :)