Monday, 16 February 2009


Once upon a time I had a blog, back when I had no laptop, no easily accessible e-mail and no home... not that long ago really, and not for that long -- but while it lasted, it was fun to post to a blog, letting friends and family know what I was up to.

It also meant I could write for everyone since it was a public blog, whereas usually my writing comes more in the form of personal e-mail written for specific people. But sooner or later, writing the same thoughts and news several times to several different people starts to get a bit repetitive, leading me to think I should resurrect my blog (but only if I actually could post to it regularly!) so here it is.

I also wanted to try out a little project: to start writing about stuff I'm interested in and that affects me and that might possibly be of interest to other people and see what happened.

Stuff like...
- training for Ironman UK
- my recent foray into cycling racing,
- Garmin and Sport Tracks data geek fun
- science in sport and fitness
- my sort-of career as whatever it is I'm doing these days
- pondering the universe in general
Not to mention my mundane everyday life as a Canadian who came to England via the Netherlands, which I'm sure only my mum will care about.

Apparently it takes three weeks to form a habit, so here goes with day 1.

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Anonymous said...

YA!! I have another blog to read :) Welcome back to the blogging world.
I'm now working again, in your old neck of the woods :D